GAribaldi Cultural Heritage initiative

What else does GCHI do?  Learn about, share and preserve the maritime culture of Tillamook Bay through our community programs! 

GCHI partners with local school districts and non-profit organizations to offer free educational and recreational experiences such as guided hikes, marine harvest clinics/chef demos, film and photography exhibits, as well as field trips at the Boathouse and surrounding areas.

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Priority 1: Historic Preservation

Inspiring historic preservation and engagement with cultural heritage sites in the Greater Garibaldi Area.


#SAVETHEBOATHOUSE:  GCHI spearheads efforts to rehabilitate one of Oregon’s unique maritime heritage landmarks, the 1936 US Coast Guard Boathouse on Tillamook Bay - returning it to an active space that serves the community through arts, culture and education. 

 Tillamook Bay Heritage Route *Coming Soon*: The Heritage Route is an interactive way for explorers and visitors to learn about the past and current culture of our working waterfront. Free, downloadable map will help visitors access information on heritage and outdoor recreation sites throughout the Tillamook Bay region.

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Priority 2: CULTural Exploration

Inspire and expand access to recreational opportunities and educational experiences in and around Tillamook Bay.


Explore Nature:  Free guided hikes!  This partnership covers guided experiences both on and off the waters of Tillamook Bay. 2017-18 Programming includes:

  • Bay Ocean Spit Hike (co-hosted with WEBS) May & August
  • Boathouse Clamming Clinic & Chef Demo - Coming May 2018

Kayaks from Scratch:  Free boatbuilding session!  Ongoing community project to build a fleet of boats for the Boathouse.  Upcoming boatbuilding session October 9-14, 2017:  Pygmy wooden kayaks will be built by volunteers from the community, at the historic Boathouse.  The boats will be used in future water tours, safety classes and boat maintenance demonstrations.

TSD9 Education Programs at the Boathouse: Extending science and history lessons beyond the traditional classroom; Clair Thomas has designed and leads field experiences for several age groups at the Pier and Boathouse.

  • First Grade Fish & Oceans
  • Fourth Grade Alternative Energy
  • High School Robotics and Science Clubs
  • Tillamook County Science Fair Expo

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Priority 3: Community Resilience

Supporting ongoing community and economic revitalization efforts, especially those which promote the rich past and present culture of Tillamook Coast’s maritime and natural resource heritage


Youth Trades Program:  *Coming Soon*  Integrate Exploration & Education programs with special opportunities for high school and college level students to experience basic introduction to water-based careers in areas such as outdoor guide/tour operations, aquaculture, US coast guard, and natural resource management positions.