Your financial support for this volunteer effort is most appreciated.  All proceeds will go to support repairs, maintenance, and programming at Garibaldi's Historic US Coast Guard Boathouse.

The Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We must do our best to repair, preserve, renovate and revitalize this national treasure for the next generation. Share your photos and memories of the Garibaldi Boathouse on the GARIBALDI CULTURAL HERITAGE INITIATIVE Facebook group page and tag them with the hashtag #SAVETHEBOATHOUSE to help us create further awareness and urgency for this project.

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Boathouse Repairs

The Historic US Coast Guard Boathouse on Tillamook Bay was built in 1936.  The pilings, boathouse and launch are in critical need of assessment and repair.  Help us keep the Pier open for public use and pave the way for increased Boathouse access.  

Boathouse will be used for educational and recreational activities that enrich the communities and visitors of the Tillamook Bay region.

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Boathouse Programs

While repairs are underway, support current opportunities to learn about, share and preserve the maritime culture of Tillamook Bay communities.  

GCHI partners with local school districts and non-profit organizations to offer free educational and recreational experiences such as guided hikes, marine harvest clinics/chef demos, film and photography exhibits, as well as field trips at the Boathouse and surrounding areas.

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Boathouse Future

A long-term maintenance and repair plan is essential for the longevity of this maritime heritage asset.  The coastal climate and conditions take a toll on all local structures over time, but particularly this wooden boathouse located 760' from shore.  

Donor support for piling and boathouse repairs, engineering studies, and ongoing maintenance is crucial to revitalize and keep this last-of-its-kind monument for historic preservation and future use.


Photo credits: RECREATENOW - Mike Arsenault